Payday Advance Pub

Payday Advance Pub experiences are memorable for their financial insight and lewd behavior. Get wasted on advice right here.

Drown Debt Sorrow In A Payday Pint

Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.

Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.

Wouldn't you like to get away?

Sometimes you want to go ...

To the Payday Advance Pub! That's right, our unique combination of libations and liberal use of lending strategies enables us to sit atop the ranking of online bars in the area. Pull up a stool and remember: our employees and patrons are always glad you came. And even if they do not know your name, we understand your need to be where the financial troubles are all the same. Hey, don't worry if you lose a few quarters throughout your series of games - by this time tomorrow, you may have $500 in your bank account simply by keeping your ears open.

In here, bar flies talk about their debt. You could learn a thing or two. Five big ones right into your account and with the faxless payday advance you don't even need a fax machine. Besides after a few cold ones, who can figure out how those goshdarned machines even turn on. With us, uber-technology can just go to heck. Welcome, we are open to everyone!

Mug full of a beverage

The price of The Payday Advance Pub

There is never any cover charge for those that wish to spend time at the Payday Advance Pub, but we may ask for your credit report at the door. Those who enjoy a perfect score may be escorted away. After all, what words of borrowing wisdom do they need? This economic eatery is reserved for consumers that need a fast drink and fast cash.

Let our bartenders pour you a shot of whiskey as lending information pours forth from their (soda) fountains of checking advance. Our wait staff didn't attend years of financial schooling for nothing! Give them the opportunity to inform a drunkard about his or her consumer rights and look into borrowing today!

Some advice for the road

If you leave remembering one thing, make sure it's the location of the nearest taxi line. We don't want any patrons drinking and driving. We also are against drinking and abusing financial services, so if the second thing you need to remember involves these resources in some way. We're not entirely sure what that is. We've had a few too many payday pints ourselves. Just browse through the rest of these beverage-related sections and remember to tip your waitress. Thank you.

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